Bus Company Simulator

=> Overview <=

While driving in OMSI 2 you can see all important information (e.g. time, speed, delay, passengers, stop request, temperature) in an overlay of the bus company simulator. The overlay fits perfectly in the game and can be configured in every detail. You can setup which information should be showed and which not. Even the text and shadow color as well as the exact position of the overlay can be changed. Additionally you can choose if the temperature should be showed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

With the additional menu (on the top right in the picture) there are further actions and tools available:
- Finish the tour: Here you will receive an evaluation at the end of the tour.
- Show timetable: Opens a separate window with the timetable, which can be moved on a second monitor.
- Show instructions: Shows which tour you should drive at the moment.
- Destination codes: Shows all destination codes of a map in a table with sortable columns.
- IBIS codes: Shows all IBIS codes of a map in a table with sortable columns.
- Hide: Hides the overlay. The overlay can be blended in again with a very unobtrusive button.
- Settings: Opens the settings formular of the overlay (see picture).
- Close bus company simulator: Closes the bus company simulator completely. OMSI stays opened.