Bus Company Simulator

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In the career mode you can not just earn money by completing tours, you can also get Career points (CP) by accomplishing tasks.

Examples for tasks:
- Sell "x" tickets
- Reach a passenger statisfaction of "x" %
- Drive "x" tours without earliness

Additionally there are different tours from virtual colleagues everyday, where a substitue driver is searched. If you drive these tours, you will get some CP as a bonus to the normal salary (the longer the tour, the higher the CP). There are no disadvantages, if you do not drive these tours.

On the screenshot you can see what you can buy with your CP. Firstly you can increase the map and bus limit, so earning CP is important to expand. Furthermore you can also invest the CP in an experience bonus, which is positive for your salary. At an experience bonus of 100% your salary will be doubled!
Moreover you can get a garage bonus, which speeds up the bus repair time of defects.

Once you have reached 100 CP, you can also exchange your virtual money into CP. On the ranking list of the career mode you can compare with other players. The more CP you earn, the higher you will get in the ranking list. You do not go down in the ranking list by spending CP. It does not matter how many CP you have at the moment, but how many you have earned overall.