Bus Company Simulator

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Every company can expand his premise with 7 additional depots, each with 20 parking spaces. Every depot has a unique number and a name, which can be changed by the company.

A company can buy a bus for each available parking space. The buyer can decide if he wants to buy the bus directly or with rates. At a hire purchase, the rates are automatically debited from the company account every day. When you buy it directly, the company gets an invoice which has to be payed within 7 days. If it is not payed on time, you have to pay reminder fees.

The mileage of the bus increases when driving tours. After some kilometres there will be maintenance necessary, which will be explained detailly in the next article. Additionally the buses have to be refueled.

The parking space and the depot of the bus can be changed by authorized people. In the 3D company premise, all buses are shown correctly in the right depot on the right parking space.