Bus Company Simulator

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The Bus Company Simulator includes an extensive repair and maintenance system.

By accidents and in rare cases by abrasion, some parts of the bus can be damaged (see article "Damage model"). If a player discovers a defect on the bus while driving in OMSI 2, he can report it at the end of the tour. In the 3D depot you can go to every bus and check for damage. So reported damages can be checked here. If a reported damage proves to be true, the bus must be taken to the garage, which offers a total of 20 parking spaces.
To bring a bus in the garage you can either walk to the bus or open the computer depot area and click on the bus. Then you can click on "Take bus to the garage" and choose on which parking space the bus should be parked.

To repair the damage of a bus there are two possibilities:
1. Select the bus on the computer and order an external mechanic who repairs the bus. This is the easy and uncomplicated way.
2. You or any other employee of the company personally goes to the bus and repairs it himself. Therefore a corresponding advanced training is required (we will add a more detailed article on this subject). This is cheaper and depending on the ability of the player, faster than to hire an external mechanic.
Note 1: A player can not perform several repairs at the same time, but several repairs can be carried out simultaneously on one bus. If a bus has for example three defects, up to three players can repair the damages at the same time to make the bus available faster.
Note 2: Depending on the type of repair, this can take several hours. The player who repairs the bus must not be at the bus all the time during the repair.

Furthermore, regular bus maintenance is required, which has to be done after a certain number of kilometers (tire change, oil change and v-belt change). Here you can also decide whether you want to hire an external mechanic on the computer or do the work yourself.

In addition, a main inspection is required at regular intervals regardless of the use of the bus. This can not be done by yourself and costs 200 € for the company. If defects are found during the main inspection, e.g. a defective part or overdue maintenance work, these defects must be repaired and the main inspection has to be repeated. The bus can only be used again if the main inspection has been passed.