Bus Company Simulator

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As already mentioned in the article about the garage and repairs, buses in the Bus-Company-Simulator must be serviced regularly and defective buses must be repaired. These tasks can also be performed by the employees themselves if they have done a corresponding training. This is cheaper for the company and the player gets experience points (there will be a separate article about the experience points).

Buses can be destroyed in the Bus Company Simulator due to wear and accidents. If a player detects a damage at his bus in OMSI, he can report it at the end of the tour. Later in the depot, it can be checked if the reported part of the bus is actually defective. For this, a short mini game has to be executed, which gets always easier depending on the level of training. With the training level 5, parts can be checked without a mini game.

In order to be trained, the player must have a certain rank and has to pay the costs for the training. The more repair trainings a player performs, the faster he can repair defective parts of a bus. Checking a bus for defective parts is possible anywhere in the depot, but the bus must be taken to the garage to repair it.

Additionally there are trainings for finance, disposition and personnel administration. Employees who have completed these trainings may be given access to the companies finances, scheduling and personnel management by the company chief or an authorized person to support the company in these areas.